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Tips For A Healthy School Routine & After School Schedule

All summer long, kids have been unrestricted by the structure of a school day. This frequently translates into a more lax sleeping and eating schedule. A healthy and filling breakfast is a must when they have a full day of school ahead. So now that the bells are ringing and it’s time to get back to the classroom, parents have a tough challenge in getting children back into a healthy school routine. Here is how to do that as well as printable after school schedule to make things easy!

This after school schedule template post was originally published on August 28, 2016. I have republished it here to make the after school checklist easier to find and to include some additional tips for getting the family into a healthy school routine.

How To Get Back Into A Healthy School Routine

Below are some great tips for families on how to get back into a healthy school routine. The importance of activity, healthy food, and adequate sleep can not be overlooked when it comes to family health.

  1. Ease back into a school-year bedtime by requiring that the kids go to sleep 15 minutes earlier each day leading up to the first day of school. This bedtime routine will help avoid tossing and turning and feel less like a freedom being taken away from them.
  2. Give kids healthy choices about what goes in the lunchbox while at the grocery store to ensure they are invested in what is being purchased. Don’t let this freedom go too far, though! Instead of saying, “Pick out something you would like for your lunchbox,” try, “Would you like celery or carrots this week? Involve your kids when packing up their lunches. Assign them tasks, such as selecting a beverage or getting a baggie for the sandwich.
  3. Post a household monthly calendar in a communal spot where everyone can track dance classes, sports practices and after school clubs. Don’t forget to write in family dinners, so everyone knows what time to be home to eat.
  4. Be active. While the weather is still warm, try to get outside after dinner for a family walk, bike ride, or other fun physical activities for the whole family.
  5. Use an After School Schedule. Use the free after school checklist printable below to make getting done the important tasks an easy habit.

DIY Dry Erase Frame With After School Schedule Template

Dry Erase After School Checklist

After school can be a hectic time. The kids are tired from a long day at school and they are ready to unwind. For us we’ve found that having an after school home schedule works great to keep the chaos to a minimum. It also helps create a more mindful after school routine. Younger children are used to staying on task at school. So when they get home, a routine and expectations is good for them. The checklist doesn’t require them to follow a strict time schedule. Nor does it mean they can’t have fun in between tasks. It’s just a reminder of the things that have to be done between getting home from school and going to bed. The free printable After School Checklist fits into a photo frame for an easy DIY Dry Erase checklist!


  • Free Printable After School Checklist
  • 8 by 11 Photo Frame
  • Dry Erase Marker
Make After School Checklist

It is a good idea for busy families to develop a daily routine to make things go smoother after a long school day.

How To Make A Dry Erase After School Checklist:

Use this free printable after school checklist template and trim if necessary to fit into your picture frame.  Right click on the photo below and select print image. Or drag to your desktop and then click file, then print.

Free Printable After School Checklist

Place in the photo frame behind the glass.  The glass will work as your dry erase board. Then you can write on it with a regular dry erase marker. Use a paper towel to erase the writing.

After School Checklist For Kids

How To Use After School Home Schedule

An afterschool routine is a great way to start the school year off on the right foot. After all, it makes it easier to settle in to the new routine and avoid power struggles. It is a simple way to help younger kids manage their free time effectively. It helps them remember to unpack their lunch bag and have a healthy snack before screen time. They know to completer their school activities like homework and reading first.

Place the printable checklist near your family desk, homework station, in the kitchen or wherever your family will use it daily to check off tasks. This after school routine checklist includes basic tasks like unpacking their lunchbox and backpack, doing homework, reading, chores, bath or shower, and getting clothes ready for the following day. A checklist helps provide structure and get essentials done. It helps to ensure your child is ready for the next day.

Kids need expectations and this is a colorful, easy to follow way for them to know if they’ve done everything they need to do after school.  You can even write in how many minutes of reading your child needs to do each evening. When expectations and rules are easy to understand, easy to follow, and fun to see checked off, kids are much more likely to stick to them!


This After School Checklist is perfect for the youngest of school children. It will still be helpful to kids all the way up to middle school kids! I hope you find this checklist helpful for making school days go a little easier. I find it helps reduce the number of times my kids “forget” to do things!

The good news is that is always the perfect time to start implementing this great tool. Family routines and clear expectations always help ensure happy family members that are prepared for the next morning. What are some of your tips for getting back into a healthy school routine? We’d love to hear them!

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